Autumn is a creative, designer, and student based in New York City.

Hrubý is currently pursuing a degree in physics while simultaneously directing her first series of documentary films.

In 2015, Hrubý founded Hesperios, a design and publishing studio serving as the sole Designer and Creative Director as well as the editor-in-Chief of Hesperios Journal. 

In 2020, Hrubý took a step back to reimagine design and focus on her lifelong passion for science. She began thinking deeply about the future of Hesperios, asking big questions, and reevaluating the way the company was operating in the world, which led her to decide to leave the fashion system altogether, while keeping design and publishing at its core. In 2021, Hrubý began thoughtfully planning the next chapter of Hesperios’s future with something new to release in 2022.

ý emphasizes that she wanted to make something non-disposable, that people would hold on to. She found a partner in the Swedish graphic designer Henrik Nygren and now, the two volumes are available for preorder, packaged together and small enough to carry around. Volume 1, called “Eudaimonia,” is bound by the theme of personal happiness; Volume 2 centers on memory. Each comprises of short stories, interviews, collages, illustrations, photographs, and reading lists from a slew of contributors, Hrubý among them.” — The New York Times

“Meet Hesperios Founder Autumn Hrubý a journalist and accidental knitwear designer with a cult following.” — W Magazine

Hesperios Journal
Antenne, Distributor
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Hesperios Journal No. 1

Hesperios Journal No. 2

Hesperios Journal No. 3

Hesperios Journal is an anthology of classic and contemporary art, literature, travel, and science. Edited in New York by Autumn Hrubý, printed by Göteborgstryckeriet and designed in Stockholm, Sweden, by Henrik Nygren Design, each issue presents works by celebrated and emerging artists, intellectuals, and philanthropists. Hesperios Journal is dedicated to publishing the most compelling voices of our time.

Since its founding in 2016, it has firmly established itself as one of America’s most innovative cultural journals, and has received extensive coverage in both print and online media. We hope that each issue of the Journal builds upon the last. Read together, they serve as a record of the Hesperios community and of the cultural landscape. We intend it not only to be a collector’s item, but also as a means to discover new artists, cultivate curiosity, and contribute to the tradition of craftsmanship. The journals are distributed internationally through art-and-design book stores, galleries, newsstands, and museums.

Each issue of Hesperios Journal has a theme—the next is transport. Whether that means trains, spacecraft, or being transported to another world by one’s favorite book, it is our hope that contributors will let this theme take them where it will.