Autumn Hrubý is a creative, designer, and science student currently based in New York City. In 2015, Hrubý founded Hesperios, where she is the creative director and designer, as well as the editor-in-chief of Hesperios Journal.

“Hrubý emphasizes that she wanted to make something non-disposable, that people would hold on to. She found a partner in the Swedish graphic designer Henrik Nygren and now, the two volumes are available for preorder, packaged together and small enough to carry around. Volume 1, called “Eudaimonia,” is bound by the theme of personal happiness; Volume 2 centers on memory. Each comprises of short stories, interviews, collages, illustrations, photographs, and reading lists from a slew of contributors, Hrubý among them.” — The New York Times

“Meet Hesperios Founder Autumn Hrubý a journalist and accidental knitwear designer with a cult following.” — W Magazine

2019 — New York, New York